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Instant Two-Way Language Translator

Simply press the button, speak and get the voice translation in 1.5 seconds.

Instant Translations: Say anything you want and get instant translation in 36 languages.

Speak Any Language: Speech recognition technology allows you to translate your speech into any language.

Fast and Effective: Fastest way to speak any language in the world.

How it works

Order: Place order for your Instant language translator.

Connect: Connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi or mobile network and download the POLIGLU app.

Speak: Press ME button, speak to the device, release the button once you finished and hear the translation.

Understand: Press the microphone button and let the person speak. Release the button and hear the translation in your language.

Speak Like a Native Without Breaking a Sweat

Simple conversations like asking for directions or trying to order something at the restaurant becomes incredibly difficult if you don’t speak the language. What about more complex topics? Having a medical emergency or misunderstandings with authorities could be catastrophic while abroad!

With POLIGLU Translator you can put your worries to rest: this tiny device lets you hold complex, continuous conversations in any combination of its supported languages! Speaking any language, anywhere is not a fantasy anymore, it’s a reality.

Poliglu Translator - a revolutionary device enables you to communicate in 36 languages around the world faster, easier and cheaper than ever before! Technological breakthrough allows translating your speech in just 1.5s. All you need to do is to choose the language in which you want to communicate and record your words or sentences. You can even record really long sentences and POLIGLU will translate everything perfectly!

POLIGLU Translator Supports 36 Languages:

Poliglu Translator allows you to communicate in more than 36 languages. It provides a fast and accurate translation, which greatly facilitates conversations with strangers. And the device works both ways! ALL supported languages are interchangeable.

How Can You Get It?

The time to buy your very own Poliglu Translator is now before the discount we also took advantage of runs out. It's already selling like crazy and you’ll quickly see why thousands have ordered theirs already!

To make sure you’re getting the original Poliglu Translator, we strongly advise you to buy it from the official website only.

Place your order online and your Poliglu Translator will be delivered to your doorstep.

Currently it’s available only online and you can buy from an official supplier's website.

Is It Worth It?

If you wish to:

- Communicate in almost any foreign language in seconds, not years
- Enjoy it for the fair and reasonable price
- Avoid any common problems that happen to all travellers due to the foreign language barriers

- Learn any language by avoid expensive language learning lessons just by using this inexpensive device comfortably at home, at any time
- Surprise your beloved ones, who are eager to learn new languages or enable themselves to travel hassle fee, with the best present possible

...then POLIGLU INSTANT TRANSLATOR is exactly what you are looking for!

FOR AU$131.00 ONLY!

To take advantage of the current 70% discount and order simply follow these steps:

1. Visit the official Poliglu Translator provider website
2. Select the portable translator you'd like to purchase
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