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Who We Are

GET TRANSLATOR is a consumer advocacy team consisting of six professionals, who merged their knowledge from completely different fields with a sole purpose of helping people make the best buying decisions possible.

With a ton of products out there in the market, it becomes extremely tough to make the right choice. We believe that there is one the most important thing when it comes to buying - it’s time spent for a research to find the best price-quality ratio out there in the large number of choices.

Knowing how painful and time taking it can be, our small team of researchers and writers spend hours reviewing products, comparing features, prices, quality and diving into all the nitty-gritty details for you.

Take a look around - our team of passionate, driven, and skilfull people, who work tirelessly to provide readers with the best comparison experience, have put their best efforts to make choices easier for you.

Why Us

For the last few years, Get Translator team has been driven by what we call our core mission - to help our readers all across the globe make the wisest buying decisions by delivering independent, rigorous, trustworthy reviews, comparisons and buying guides of the latest products found online.

Our sincere wish to deliver top-notch, in-depth, unbiased reviews, comparisons and buying guides to our worldwide readership so the smartest shopping decisions could be made is what gives us the best handle on the full range of the market and sets us apart from the competition. There are 5 core values that accompany us with every decision we make: Independency, Impartiality, Readership, Honesty, Research and Test.

How We Test and Evaluate

Our fierce independence has always been a key component to our success and it still sets us apart from thousands of other review websites. Our readership’s trust is what matters the most to the whole GET TRANSLATOR team. Due to this, we aim to maintain and protect our independence and impartiality in numerous ways.

Product Reviews and Testing

In the vast majority of cases, we purchase products we review directly from retailers, just like you would do. Even though that requires our own investments, we believe that this is the only way to have the same experience that you would have - not only we are able to have an independent opinion on the product itself but also explore additional factors that are no less important than a product itself - shipping experience, the way of setting a product up, customer support and usage experience. This helps us compare the whole buying and using experience from start to finish.

However, on certain occasions, we might receive the product without the actual purchasing - it mainly happens when a retailer is about to release a new product, which isn’t yet available in the market. If this happens, our reviews, comparisons and buying guides will clearly state that the sample has been given to us by a retailer. The sample will be later returned back to a retailer once the testing phase is over. We never take unsolicited products for our reviews, and we choose what the products for our reviews are purely based on the interest of our readership.

Correction of Reviews, Comparisons and Buying Guides

We strive to be accurate so if we get it wrong, we aim to respond as quickly as possible. If we've made a factual error in a review, comparison article or a buying guide during our testing or reviewing process, we strive to make the correction as soon as possible and clearly explain the reason behind the change we've made. It also occasionally happens that the product we review does not fulfill the expectations at all and does not do what the retailer promises it does.

In this case our editorial policy is very strict - we always refuse take-down requests so any type of bribery is one of our main no-no’s.

A Word from The Team

We hope that you will enjoy exploring Get Translator and will find the product you are looking for. It would be the best feeling to know that our reviews, comparisons and buying guides have helped you in your decision making process. In case you feel you'd like us to leave a message with your questions or suggestions for our improvement, drop us a message - we are always happy to hear from you.